Show that you don’t tolerate bullying behaviour!

Starting on Monday 12 November, it is national anti-bullying week. 

This is an awareness campaign originally to support parents and children in education but with a message that resonates with us all. 

We are aware that bullying or inappropriate behaviour in the workplace are real concerns for Trust staff and are recurring themes for those who support staff through times of crisis. These include Freedom to Speak Up Guardians, staff side, HR and health and wellbeing colleagues.

The message is that not only do we not tolerate such behaviour, we want you to speak up about it. 

During the week we will announce more detail about what we are doing to promote awareness. There will be a video which highlights some of the forms of bullying and a very real example of what it’s like to be a victim. We will be making further short films over the next few months, working closely to reflect issues of importance on the wards, with protected characteristics and which can affect anyone.

Our Just and Learning Culture Bullying and Harassment working group is in the process of developing a range of interventions to improve the working lives of our colleagues. The purpose of the group is to explore the reasons and impact of miscommunication and poor behaviour which in turn will empower staff and change our organisational culture. The group will deliver a comprehensive training package bespoke to Mersey Care.