NHS England launch their consultation: Proposed redesign of learning disability and autism spectrum disorder services

NHS England are holding a consultation into learning disability and autistic spectrum disorder services in the North West.  One of the questions that people are being consulted on relates to the future of services provided at our Specialist Learning Disability site in Whalley.  The Trust will be making its own formal response as part of the consultation.

As a provider of secure services for people with complex forensic histories, our priority is to support and care for some of the most vulnerable patients in the NHS system. We will continue to work with them alongside our dedicated and specialised staff to ensure there is a minimum of disruption during the consultation period.

You can read more about NHS England’s consultation on their website.

Questions about the consultation, which runs from 1 December 2016 until 23 February 2017, should be addressed to Mary Hardie england.northspecialisedcorporate@nhs.net

You can find more at https://www.england.nhs.uk/2016/12/consult-propose-close-calderstones/