Mersey Care encourages patients to order prescriptions early for Christmas period


Mersey Care NHS Trust, one of the leading mental health trusts in the UK, has urged their patients and carers to ensure they plan ahead for their prescriptions over the Christmas period.


Many GP practices will have limited opening hours between Christmas and New Year holidays so patients have been advised not to leave it too late to order the repeat prescriptions they may need over the festive period.


“Many people with mental health issues may have long term conditions that require ongoing medication,” said a Mersey Care NHS spokesman.


“GP practices are likely to close on Christmas Eve and not open again until 29 December and close again on New Year’s Eve until 4 January. We don’t want people to be caught out unnecessarily, which is why we are urging people to submit their requests for repeat prescriptions well in advance.”


Patients are advised to contact your local pharmacist of your GP for more information.