Mersey Care established as an attractive future employer with award for vocational learning

Mersey Care has been awarded gold level accreditation from Fair Train, the UK's leading work experience firm, in partnership with Health Education England for its vocational learning.

The accreditation reflects all forms of work-based learning, from apprenticeships to traditional school work experience placements, traineeships, volunteering and supported internships (young people with a learning disability/autism).

Achieving work experience quality standard at gold level is evidence Mersey Care is offering participants a valuable and meaningful experience of consistently high quality and establishes the organisation as an attractive future employer of choice.

Between July 2017 and November 2019 the Trust worked with 125 individuals via entry level vocational learning and employability programmes, supporting them directly into jobs, helping their career decisions or opening their eyes to the opportunities in the health sector.  

During this period 77 started employability programmes within the Trust with 52 successfully completing the full programme (87 per cent) and 34 of those progressing into employment (65 per cent). Twenty four of those candidates took up posts within Mersey Care (71 per cent).

Overall 82 per cent of participants completing a programme with Mersey Care entered into employment in the Health and Social Care sector, which is over three times the national average of 25 per cent.

Mersey Care also participated in 14 work related learning events (School Careers events and Skills Shows) reaching over 10,000 individuals, enhancing further the visibility and targeting of health careers information and advice.