High Sheriff praise for Mersey Care's 'great and valuable services to the community'

Our Chief Executive, Joe Rafferty CBE, talked in his blog last week about the award:

The High Sheriff of Merseyside, one of the oldest roles in civic life, has praised Mersey Care for our response to the current COVID-19 pandemic. This week I received a warm and inspiring letter, and a certificate too, from the current holder of the office, His Honour John Roberts DL, who expressed his thanks for the work of the trust.

Trust Chairman, Beatrice Fraenkel

Trust Chairman, Beatrice Fraenkel

High Sheriffs have existed since Saxon times and today their role is about supporting local authorities, emergency services, faith groups and voluntary organisations. Each year the High Sheriff of Merseyside singles out organisations and individuals whose achievements are above and beyond.

Joe Rafferty with the Sheriff's awardChief Executive, Joe Rafferty CBE, with the Sheriff's award

Chief Executive, Joe Rafferty CBE

We have all been thanked for "enhancing the life of the community". The letter says: “What has been achieved these last twelve months in terms of addressing your normal workload and coping with the COVID-19 pandemic would not have been remotely possible without everybody working as one big team and in a totally committed and selfless way.”

His letter includes a phrase I have used a few times already – ‘you have been nothing short of amazing’. This formal acknowledgement is welcome and shows the regard in which the NHS in general and Mersey Care specifically are held. In the weeks ahead, we’ll get the certificate to various parts of the trust so we can give this gesture real resonance and meaning – it’s an official thank you from a formal and respected source, and it’s rightly for us all.