Consultation - medium secure services

Issued 12 January 2014, (updated 18 February 2014)

  • A £43 million investment in expanding medium secure services

  • A new specialist medium secure hospital in Maghull, Liverpool

  • Improved care for our patients with better outcomes

  • A critical mass of expert clinical staff on one site delivering care to our patients.

The Scott Clinic in Rainhill has been delivering high quality medium secure care services for more than 30 years. However, modern health and national secure service standards mean that the building is no longer ‘fit for purpose’ and radical change is needed so we can continue to treat people well, while making best use of our resources.

To achieve our aim of improving the quality of medium secure services, we are proposing to build a new, 90-bed clinic on our Maghull site, near to Ashworth hospital.

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Our formal public consultation started on 12 January 2015 with representatives from key partners and network groups.  The initial events invited a wide range of key stakeholder organisations, local politicians, universities, hospital trust partners, clinical commissioners, legal and advocacy services, health interest groups, and members of the public. 

We have held a number of public meetings to outline our proposals for the future of medium secure care services.  As a follow on from these formal meetings, we have agreed to extend our public consultation period and will be running a series of drop-in sessions for all residents to see the plans of the proposed site, ask questions of our team about the proposals and share your views with us.

We have extended our consultation until 27 March 2015.   


Maghull Community Association

604 Green Lane, Maghull, Liverpool L31 2JH


12.00 noon - 6.00pm

Kensington House Sports and Leisure Club

12 Station Road, Maghull, Liverpool L31 3DF


9.30am - 2.30pm

Maghull Town Hall

Hall Lane, Maghull, Liverpool, L31 7BB


5.00pm - 9.00pm

Melling Primary School

Wheeler Drive, Melling, Liverpool L31 1DA


9.30am - 2.30pm

Melling Residents Community Association (MRCA)

Coronation Hall, Waddicar Lane, Melling, Liverpool L31 1DQ


5.00pm - 9.00pm

Melling Tithebarn Community Centre

Tithebarn Lane, Melling, Liverpool, L31 1EE


12.00 noon - 6.00pm


If you have any questions regarding these events or the consultation more generally, please contact Jackie Robinson, Head of Patient and Public Voice at North West Commissioning Support Unit, who is leading the consultation on our behalf.  Jackie can be contacted on 0151 296 7068 or by her mobile number 07825 245 378, or by emailing

The drop-ins outlined above will provide our Trust with the opportunity to share our ambitious plans which we believe will transform medium secure services. Mersey Care aims to ensure that patients from the region of Cheshire and Merseyside benefit from easy access to the best clinical expertise, therapeutic treatments and also the best facilities for many years to come.   

MSU design



Our plans

As part of this transformation programme, we plan to build a new Mersey Care Medium Secure Unit in Maghull, which is in the Borough of Sefton, Merseyside.  The new unit will be within the grounds of Mersey Care NHS Trust’s Maghull site.  This will benefit from the co-location to other Mersey Care Secure Services, and will enhance the site considerably.

This new medium secure unit will run alongside high and low secure services to afford joint staff training opportunities and a critical mass of clinical experts being available on one site to support our patients throughout their journey of recovery.

The benefits of this development are:

  • Reduced length of stay

  • Better patient experience

  • Modern facilities that meet national secure standards

  • Increase in therapeutic space and activities

  • Better access physical health care

  • Repatriation of patients who are being treated out of area

  • Cost effective services that provide value for money

  • Better opportunities for staff rotation and development leading to better care

  • Improved partnership working

  • Low maintenance and cost effective environment

  • Flexible environments that will be adaptable to meet patient need

  • Viable and long term sustainable service.

Please come along to any of the above drop-in events where you will have an opportunity to hear more about our plans and, of course, be able to ask questions of clinicians and managers involved in the proposals.       

Our position

Mental illness can touch everyone’s lives in one way or another, 1 in 4 people will experience mental health problems.  We know that only 26% of people with a mental health condition received the treatment they need so demand for our services currently exceeds the amount of care that is available. 

Mersey Care NHS Trust is committed to delivering the best possible care for people with a mental health condition.  This means supporting colleagues to strive for perfect care by making care more effective, timely, safe and fair, at the same time improving patient experience.  Creating better services by ensuring colleagues are skilled and productive and providing joined-up care for those we service.  Developing new partnerships with other organisations to apply more research and development in improving our care pathways to support people’s recovery and to strengthen our working relationships with acute care and the criminal justice system. 

What are Medium Secure Services?

The inpatient medium secure services provide forensic mental health assessment and rehabilitation to people suffering from a mental illness who are residents of Merseyside and Cheshire.

Why do we need to change?

The care provided at the medium secure unit is excellent.  However, if we are to ensure that patients receive perfect care we cannot stand still.  We need to transform secure care for the following reasons:

  • The Scott Clinic, medium secure building is no longer fit for purpose and the facilities are poor and deteriorating

  • It does not comply with the Department for Health guidelines in that it does not have en-suite bathrooms, the wards are too small and inflexible and the environment does not lend itself to therapeutic work with patients

  • There is no easy access to outside space from some of the wards

  • The unit is geographically isolated from other parts of the trust and especially the other secure services, this limits the opportunities for sharing expertise and knowledge amongst staff

  • Because secure services are located on different sites staff are unable to offer treatment across the whole pathway with joint working, liaison, training and research being compromised

  • Commissioners’ intentions to treat patients as close to home as possible is not being met because the current number of inpatient beds does not meet demand.

Our vision

  • To provide the opportunity for a fluid and responsive care pathway across the spectrum of secure mental health

  • To present opportunities for genuine innovation in secure care

  • With a blank canvas we have the opportunity to radically overhaul the way in which mental health care is delivered

  • To provide perfect care by assessing and treating the right patient, in the least restrictive environment, at the right time

  • To ensure the new care environment will deliver high quality patient outcomes, public protection and best practice

  • The co-location of staff will further strengthen delivery of internationally renown research and development

  • To continually improve quality of care whilst providing value for money.

How we propose to achieve this

  • Expand services provided by medium secure to enable patients to be treated closer to home

  • Develop a purpose built, future proofed medium secure unit on the Maghull site in Liverpool which will result in the co-location of both high and medium secure care onto one site 

  • Create an environment within the medium secure unit that enable an increase in therapeutic activities to take place 

  • Review and improve how care is delivered in secure services to ensure that patients are actively involved and receive care that is individually tailored and flexible in responding to their needs. 

Key benefits

  • Will provide services that are co-located on one site and remove any geographical isolation

  • As a result of the increased capacity patients will be able to be treated closer to home

  • A reduced length of stay for inpatients

  • Improved outcomes for patients as a result of revised model of care

  • A greater and more appropriate range of therapies across the whole secure pathway

  • Will have a critical mass of staff with specialist knowledge located on one site

  • Improved mobilisation of staff across services as a result of the co-location on one site

  • An improved environment for patients and staff

  • Provide a hub for wider world-class research enabling patients to benefit from the most advanced mental health treatments.

Impact on journey and travel/transport for visitors

  • As with the current location parking will be free

  • The majority of inpatients normally reside in Liverpool and therefore the Maghull campus will provide easier access for family and friends to visit

  • Sometimes patients are admitted to other hospitals a distance away because Scott Clinic has no beds 

  • The new medium secure unit will have more beds and therefore all our patients can be cared for close to home, this means that patients’ relatives and friends will have shorter distances to travel when visiting

  • Outpatient clinics will continue to be held at our Liverpool town centre address so there will be no impact to outpatients.

What would change?

  • A new modern facility that provides wards for male and female patients that are all en-suite to meet NHS standards

  • More in patient beds to meet demand which means we can treat more patients closer to home

  • More space for therapeutic activities

  • Access to outside space for patients

  • An ergonomically designed building 

  • For the first time there will be secure services located together on one site

  • Staff with expert skills and knowledge located on one site that will benefit patients’ treatment programmes

  • Experts in mental health working together on one site with access to research facilities

  • Greater opportunities for staff training and development.

What would stay the same?

  • The warm and compassionate care provided to patients

  • Referral and discharge routes remain unchanged

  • Patient and carer involvement in service and business delivery

  • Staff and patient working together that is so greatly valued

  • Working successfully with our partner agencies, eg Together Advocacy Services and First Step Trust back to work agency

  • Being an integral part of Mersey Care NHS Trust.

From 2013 to 14 Mersey Care offered:

  • Care, treatment and support to 36,401 service users (35,525 in local services and 876 in secure services)

  • Is dispersed across over 32 sites both of its own and premises rented from others

  • Had 674 inpatient beds (as of 31 March 2014) 

  • Had 522,757 outpatient attendances and contacts.

A full Equality Impact Assessment has taken place

For further information contact: Communications Department, Mersey Care NHS Trust, V7 Buildingg, Kings Business Park, Prescot, Merseyside, L34 1PJ. Tel: 0151 471 2336.