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Time to listen

Friday, 17 April 2015

Team Mersey Care

I am going to start this week’s blog by talking about engagement of staff here at Mersey Care and its importance in helping to move us forward as a trust. As chief executive I try and talk to as many of you as I can and I encourage my Executive team to do the same. As a trust I want us to be transparent and informative about how we run our business so you all know and understand and feel part of our plans and strategy for the future.

With that in mind, feedback has reached me from our recent Thrive Business Planning and Development sessions that we could be doing more as a trust to engage with staff on the business planning process and the decisions that we take as a management team to develop the trust.

Thrive is a management development course run by the trust and those attending we hope will develop into the leaders and managers of tomorrow, all of whom will hopefully play a huge role in guiding the trust forward in the years to come.  No matter what your position within this organisation, I take your views extremely seriously and we are currently in the final stages of preparing our strategic plan which should be with you in due course.

That plan will explain how we hope to grow and move forward as a trust in what we all recognise as being very challenging times for the NHS.  We are also aiming to improve managers’ understanding of the business planning process and decisions, which we hope will prevent situations we know have made you unhappy like failing to give staff enough notice of ward closures or the winning of tenders and their importance to Mersey Care.

You will know we are all striving for ‘Perfect Care’ but we also want to become a trust with the highest standards in every area. We want a challenging but friendly working environment with staff that are engaged and motivated.  If we are failing in that you can help us to understand how things can be improved by either talking to your manager or contacting me through Tell Joe. It’s only through working together as Team Mersey Care that we can become the great trust that we want for our service users to receive their care at and for our staff to work in so I would ask everyone to get engaged in conversations that help us to improve.

Delivering Safe and Effective Care

As you should all know by now, the trust will have an inspection by the Care Quality Commission during the week beginning 1 June. To help staff prepare for the inspection and answer most of the questions you may have about their visit we have prepared a staff guide to the visit which should help to explain how the process will work and how we can best prepare for this significant inspection. Most of you should have had a hard copy of our staff guide by now, but you can also access it on our intranet here. The findings of this inspection will govern how we progress to become a Foundation Trust so I would encourage you all to read the guide and feel free to talk to your manager if you are unclear about any aspect of the visit.

We want your vote

It’s hard not to have noticed that there will be a general election in a few weeks and candidates from a variety of different political parties will be asking for your vote. How we have all voted will become clear on 8 May, but until we discover who will be resident at 10 Downing Street, I would like us all to put our creative energies towards another sort of election.

Nominations for the Positive Practice in Mental Health Awards 2015 are now open, which I regard as a fantastic opportunity for Mersey Care to showcase its many talents. At Executive Board level we are only too aware of the care, dedication and innovation on show as we visit different parts of the trust, but it is about time the wider world appreciated what you all achieve on a daily basis. If you think that the work that you do involves wider recognition or is something that others can learn from, we need you nominate for this year’s awards. Let’s see if we can make this an award winning year for Mersey Care. Those interested in putting their team or colleagues forward for an award can do so by clicking here while nominations are also open for the HSJ Healthcare Leaders Awards that can be accessed here.

Joe Rafferty, Chief Executive