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CQC Report 2015


I know I don’t normally write to you in mid-week, but I’m delighted to report that Mersey Care achieved a good rating in the Care Quality Commission (CQC) report into our services, which was published today.


I’m aware of how hard everyone worked to prepare for the inspection teams and how many of you have gone the extra mile to ensure the CQC had the information they needed. As chief executive of this trust, I’ve never been prouder of the efforts that were put in to achieve this result.


The full report can be found on our website here, but in a nutshell, being awarded a good rating puts Mersey Care in the top 20% of all hospitals – not just mental health trusts – that have ever been inspected by the CQC.


It was immensely satisfying to read a report that said “staff were highly committed and respectful. They treated people with dignity, involving families and carers.”


The trust’s services were rated as good for being effective, caring, responsive and well led. Mersey Care’s staff and management of falls were rated as outstanding and the CQC found there were impressive levels of co-production – working closely with patients, carers and service users – with the report stating “There were innovative user engagement approaches across all services.”


Although the trust is rated as “requires improvement” for being safe, the report highlighted that those concerns were “isolated to small areas and not systemic,” and they are largely areas that we are already aware of and have addressed or are a work in progress.


It’s important to note that this has all been achieved by listening carefully to frontline staff and hearing their thoughts on how we operate and provided an opportunity for teams to learn from one another. I am keen for this to continue and would urge you all to utilise opportunities – the staff survey, Tell Joe and the whistleblowing procedure – to promote ideas, make complaints if they are needed and help us all to learn.


I’d also like to stress that while we can all be very pleased with the final rating of good, it is important we do not just relax and rest on our laurels. We may be in the top 20% of trusts, but if we are striving for perfect care in everything we do, we must also set our sights on achieving excellence.


That means thinking about how we do things and not just accepting the status quo as the best way of operation. That is how we approached ‘No Force First’, which will be expanded to all wards by March next year, and that is why we are so committed to our zero suicide policy within our care.


I have always been delighted with the way Mersey Care has embraced innovation and we must continue to do that if we are to progress as an organisation. We pride ourselves on being a learning organisation and this report should provide a rich source of information and feedback provided by independent inspectors and, importantly, from the patients who receive our services and the staff who provide them.



Please take this as my personal thanks to each and every one of you for all your efforts and everything you have done to achieve this well-earned result – keep up the good work.



Joe Rafferty

Chief Executive