Brew Monday marked by Mersey Care staff and visitors

The Big Brew came to locations across Mersey Care on ‘Brew Monday,’ sharing zero suicide awareness with hundreds more staff and visitors who are now pledged to take the training and spread the news about this important national campaign.

At our corporate headquarters in Kings Business Park, Prescot, 132 visitors dropped in to our Big Brew information stand in the V7 Building’s main kitchen for a cuppa and chat. Particularly popular were themed cup-cakes, with 50 ‘disappearing’ in half an hour.

Conversations included people who had first hand experience of family members or friends affected by suicide. Many guests promised to take leaflets, Big Brew mugs and information back to their own work or social networks, including a carers’ group, a church and even their local barber’s shop.

At Liverpool Innovation Park, 60 more Big Brew conversations encouraged staff to take the free online training on a bank of laptops. Big Brews also took place simultaneously at Life Rooms Bootle and Life Rooms Walton.

Big Brewers also spread the campaign message on social media, with Mersey Care Chief Executive Joe Rafferty giving his view on Twitter and on YouTube .

In the past week, 2,500 more people have accessed the free, simple online training. So far more than 115,000 people nationally have undertaken the training available via the zero suicide alliance website.