Just and Learning Culture - Workforce development

Mersey Care is leading the transformation of care and the creation of a new culture.  There are new policies to support staff in place and there has been a positive shift in expectations.

All staff at band 7 or above will have specific expectations in their annual development plans to support the new culture and there are opportunities at every level of the trust to be a part of the process.

We have around 30 “ambassadors”, interviewed by the Director of Workforce, comprising staff from wards and across disciplines. Service capacity always comes first but their role includes positively advocating for a Just and Learning Culture, acting as a point of contact for staff and contributing to communications.

Staff are encouraged to submit examples of good practice or learning which is highlighted by the Chief Executive in his blog and also available on a dedicated internal microsite for people to comment on.

The Trust’s openness was celebrated in early 2018 by respected academic Professor Sidney Dekker. Professor Dekker’s works have become standard texts for organisations across the world who are redefining what accountability means. His powerful and moving new film about the challenges faced up to by the Trust and the progress made has been well-received and commended for its boldness in revealing the issues which most other organisations face, but which Mersey Care has been actively addressing.

He said of his recent visits to sites across Mersey Care: ‘What an amazing experience it was, to be warmly submerged not just in a series of hospital wards, but in places where people so genuinely care and look after one another in thousands of little and larger ways’. 

Professor Dekker recognised the compassion and dedication of Mersey Care staff. He was also right to point out that, as a Trust, we are aware that we are only starting this journey and there’s some way to go. He said we were ‘open and honest about what could yet be improved even more.’