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Waiting Time Information

Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trusts Eating Disorder service is a psychological therapy commissioned outpatient service. We accept referrals from GP’s, other medical professional and mental health services. We do not take self referrals. We accept referrals for all eating disorders and do not have a minimum or maximum BMI criteria. The service provides care for people 16 years and above living within Liverpool and Sefton. We do not have inpatient or day care facilities commissioned within the service. All patients appropriately referred to our service are asked to ‘chose and book’ an initial assessment and this is provided within 6 weeks of the service receiving the referral. If therapy is deemed appropriate we have a range of psychological therapies including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Compassion Focused Therapy, Cognitive Analytic Therapy and systemic psychotherapies. We also provide Motivational interviewing and have begun to offer a range of interventions to support healthy eating. We also offer support to the relatives and carers of the patients within our service. We offer both group and individual therapy. We currently do not have a prescribed number of sessions offered, instead this is provided on an individual needs led basis with all cases closely supported through both clinical and management supervision. We aim to offer a start of therapy appointment within 18 weeks of being referred into the service but the wait for therapy is governed by presentation and need and also the demand and capacity within the service. Due to current demand within the waiting time for therapy can be longer than 18 weeks.

How many men are currently accessing or attempting to access support for an Eating Disorder?

Number of men currently accessing Eating Disorder Service in Dec 2017

Referred into service but not yet opted in


On waiting list for therapy                           


In Therapy                                                       





Within the service we have qualified clinical psychologists and psychotherapy staff. We also have an assistant psychologist and offer placements to trainee clinical psychology students. We also have a specialist GP who is able to offer support and advice to local referring GP’s.


To download the latest figures on activity for our service please click HERE.