Interpretation and Translation

Interpretation and Translation

The NHS has an important role to play in reducing health inequalities yet, in some cases, the people most in need of health care have the most difficulty accessing it (DoH, 2008).

Many of our patients and their carers require alternative methods of communication.  This includes people who are deaf or have a hearing impairment, those that are blind or have visual impairments, those who have a head injury or learning difficulties and those who dont use English as their first language.

Interpreting services also support health professionals to deliver a safe and effective service to all population groups in our area.

Interpreting Services

Face to Face interpretation
Mersey Care has a contract with a company that provides a high quality interpreting service. Interpreters provide word for word interpretation between the patient and health professional.

Telephone interpretation
Mersey Care has access to a telephone interpreting service to support those patients who do not speak English. It can be used in an emergency to deal with an immediate communication difficulty or to book an appointment. The service is available 365 days a year covering over 120 languages.

British Sign Language (BSL)
Contact for BSL is action for hearing loss. To make a booking call direct on 0845 685 8000. Please not patient can also call direct.

To request interpretation and traslation through language line contact either Kate Jones or Anne Denny with the following information:

Email address
Telephone number

Health information in other languages

NHS Choices: The NHS website has the facility to translate pages into many languages

Specific Conditions and Topics: 


  • Information on Asthma: Information & frequently asked questions relating to Asthma. (Available in a variety of languages)

Breast feeding and Weaning

  • Unicef - Baby Friendly Resources: Baby Friendly resources. (Available in a variety of languages)


  • The Alzheimers Society - Fact Sheets: Fact sheets from the Alzheimers Society. (Available in a variety of languages)


  • Diabetes UK - General Information: Information on Diabetes from Diabetes UK. (Available in a variety of languages)


Sexual Health and Pregnancy Advice

Your Emotional Wellbeing in Pregnancy and Beyond