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Dietetic Service

What we do

The South Sefton Community Dietetics team offers one-to-one support and advice on a range of clinical conditions: diabetes, heart disease, digestive problems,  other conditions such as cancer, coeliac disease,   and food allergies, providing assessment, advice and individualized treatment planning​.

The service is delivered from a range of locations across the South Sefton area. The team also provide a home enteral feeding service for adults, and a limited home visiting service for patients who are unable to attend clinic.

Patient Information

What we eat can have a major effect on our ability to avoid and fight disease.  Registered dietitians translate scientific information and research about food into practical advice to help people make good lifestyle and food choices. Dietitians also help and support for patients with specific medical conditions that may benefit from dietary advice.

Contact Us

The service operates Monday to Friday between 9.00am and 5.00pm.

To contact the Community Dietetics team please call: 0151 247-6128.


Referrals can be accepted from GPs, Consultants, Hospital Doctors, Practice Nurses and  Specialist Nurses.

If you're a GP or Health Care professional and you'd like to refer a patient into our service, please download the referral form from our GPs and Referrers page HERE.


Our dieticians help families in Sefton cook simple nutritious meals on a budget, you can read more on P23 of our magazine: